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  • lisa rose

Vibrational Side of Our Bodies

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

So, that "getting to know me" journey, means an exploration of somewhat undiscovered energy that's still here, that's saying, "look at me." So, don't be shy with you-ness; look and don't be worried in any way. When we look inside ourselves, go ahead and see who is here; wow, it's impressive. It's a good look. It's a nice view. It's always moving too, so it doesn't take very long to take that kind of a look. It's a quick look of, "there I am, OK, nice to know me" and then move on and take another quick look. These quick glimpses of ourselves are actually the tiny opening in our own fabric of ourselves where the fabric is so weakly held together by anything, that a lot of our own self is moving back and forth in the fabric lining of our own soul, enough to notice. Enough to catch a glimpse, "Oh yeah, that's me," -come back again and take another look and another look here and another look, there. And another opening and another glimpse and all this while that seems to be going on, there's a lot of extending of the fabric of ourselves-a lot.

The fabric meaning, the part of ourselves that just barely holds ourselves here while fully vibrating with our own uniqueness, also. So, this is the vibrational side of our bodies, of ourselves; that part of ourselves that's rippling and that's knowing the ripples as you. That's moving itself across this barrier of light and knowingness and a lot of wisdom erupts at that level of knowingness, including, who you are, is fully awake, there. So, fully knowable, fully engaging itself, fully awake, fully alive, fully light, fully lit up, fully always who you are- never changing- and always looking, always noticing something going on. What is that? -It's me What is me? -me is you-ness that's also me. Me is you and you, is that unfolding of uniqueness. So, there's a distinguishable separation of course, between us and you and me and it's a kind of a simplicity of noticing that lets that difference take a little bit of a different flavor of itself. So, that I know, I am me, you are you, chairs, walls, ceiling, sky; they all have that ability to be noticed for their qualities and for that expressionless expression of manifested reality.


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