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Postponement or Quick-Quick

The lightbody, however, loves sad, anger, you name it literally, we name our self but what we do with that is another story. After we name it, then what do we call it after we name it? Does anybody know where this is going because we tend to name and then call something to us of that name. So, if I'm going to be sad, I'm going to call sad then everything about me, so that I can know sad. So, that's OK. That works for the short distance run but the marathon that we call, you, honey, is meant to be able to engage quickly, emotional work. So, does that make sense in a way? So how long do you feel sad about yourself for, is pretty critical. Like how long does this package deal come with a sticker of sad on it? Can I open it fast and see what's in there? Maybe there's a little puppy in there. -No. What else could there be? What? We don't actually know until we get it done with, otherwise, we just stare at it.

So, the encouragement here, just to be as clear as possible here, without putting words in yourself, trying not to do that here; is just that recognition that you have the ability to open the sad packages quickly and it's very nice to know that actually. It's very nice to know that we can open the sad packages just as quick as the happy ones. Which do you think you open faster? It's pretty clear that we like "that one" and we don't really like______________(you can fill in the blank). So, what do you think that our psychology does to reinforce that messaging system then? What do we do? We postpone and we contemplate our navel for a long time and what happens then, is that our natural ability to move quickly through obstacles and whatever, actually gets dragged down and we feel a loss of our ability as people, to live this bright and sparkly existence that we are truly here to notice. So you know, it's a wonderful day when you can see that sad and you can get it done with and then move on to the next sad or whatever, you know. Let's get it open. Part of the resistance of our own light-filled life is just that, putting it off. -Just that, putting it off.

Question: Someone in the group ask if it matters then, what it is that you are sad about?

Great Light answers that it's not going to be something that you are going to decide before hand. So, that also comes under the reference of postponement and the mind will be significantly altered by the knowledge of you able to express quickness in this processing of life. And light moves quickly, doesn't it. Light is an uplifting light. Our light is here. It's here. Do you agree? Maybe, okay and then we feel something coming this way to ourselves so that sad moves the view.


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