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This is an excerpt from a beautiful talk given by Great Light Channel. It is a rarely spoken about view of life, of the Way It Is...

Great Light begins by reminding everyone to feel the somatic energy connections to their real physical body.

Pleiadian Great Light: "So, if we're a little bit out here, that's fine tonight and then we can bring it back in again so that we feel that tightness here in the abdominal area and then this big rupture here, cord of light extending from here and all the way up past this heart chakra and on and on and we don't describe it very often but tonight, we will."

This cord goes "on and on and on". It has no end, actually. That's why the feet stay on the ground so we don't lose this planetary connection point because that's why we came here. This is a beautiful "on and on" point. Sometimes people and some Beings very wisely or unwisely confuse this as vastness up here or one kind of an experiential quality, up here because they know it goes "on and on and on". And because the mind is able to conceive of "on and on and on," then we feel that there must be something to connect "on and on and on" and that's you-ness.

Where do you fit in, in "on and on and on"; it connects you with all the massive support system that the universe is connected with and by and for, meaning not only Beings, Celestiality, Devic and very refined qualities of energy connect this all the way up as far as you can imagine-it goes-maybe even to another universe. Maybe these cords are actually connection points that we are able to travel upon sometimes if we wish to, as long as our hearts are here first so that we don't lose the reflective quality that's present here; that's the gift part.

If we only establish ourselves with "on and on and on," vastness or one-ness, however we verbalize that, we lose our gifts. Our gifts are not in the "on and on." Our gifts are right here, so we don't want to make this trade-off anymore. This has been going on for a very long time on this planet; this lovingly thought of trading-off to this vastness, thinking that that's where we want to be- it results of loss of gift-ability of unique angles of expression which happen then and we have lost our voice. This has substituted for a very long time for "who it is that you came here to be known as."

And so the scales are tipping back again so recall this-that's fine-it goes "on and on" and always will go "on and on" and it never stops as far as we know. Be here now, somebody said so that you don't miss why you came. Otherwise, we would all be up there and nobody's down here. This is the gift-ability of you-ness and of unique-ness of you.

This is the gift-ability part here. This is called the ladder of life extending to examine all possibilities. It goes up this way but to really appreciate all possibilities, let's bring the look lovingly back home. This is easy; nothing is engaged up here if you notice and if you let yourself feel this, nobody is there. -Just the multi-levels of being-ness is there. Sacred information however, remains here and remains workable and live-able. We're not sure yet and we think that maybe it would be better to be up there but -no. This is the gift here and this is why you came to be here. So don't mistake this call, however vastly encouraging to be "on and on and on," it's not better than here. It's just different. It's a different connection up here. It pushes on us to be here. It brought us here to this magnificent moment and encourages life itself to be lived but you have to do the living. So that's the challenge.

We came on these cords and so we're connected in that way and we instinctively feel a draw, yes, we feel some drawing and pulling of "me" back along this big chakra. So, what do we choose? We choose here-ness for a reason because it uplifts mother. It uplifts father- talking about energy right now, a little bit. It uplifts to notice, here. It uplifts all of the Being strata here and here, plant kingdom, deva world-all gets uplifted when we notice here-ness because we are connected. -It's true but how that connection is made has been misunderstood for quite some time because we thought this was so great, up here. So and yes, it has incredible power, yes because of the "on and on and on" quality but it's un-useable and that's why we have the world problematic side that we sometimes address or not.

This is the know-able part. This is the doing part, whether you have a shape or not. This is the part that does it. This is the part that knows it. This is the part that wants it just the Way It Is. So, that's the challenge. How do we know this? Because this is the Way It Is. This is the Way It Is. So, it's beautiful information. Lovingly, you supplied it. This is all your information. This is all that you came here to be known as. We're just speaking it for you, right now.


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