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NoticeYour Lightbody

A message from Lisa- While you read through this material, you may notice that your mind cannot easily "grip" onto the words in the same way you're used to and you might think you can't understand the meaning: It's OK. These messages are not from the mind's eye view of life; they are from the light-activating messages of the Being/Avatar, Pleiadian Great Light. These words move awake energy for sentient beings everywhere, including Angelics, helpful entities, visiting life forms from this Creator's universe and an almost unfathomable array of life. Even though this may seem a little "far-out" and esoteric, these messages are for the purpose of anchoring or grounding-in to your real physical body and own emotions with a deepening sense of your lightbody, compassion and honest self-liking about who you are right now.

It's a kind of choice-an awake and conscious choice- to notice the delicate shifts in your energy, emotions and your body; I call it healing soul work. So, as you ponder these words, you may feel sleepy or confused or you might feel more alive, energized, clear and creative within yourself. Notice all your emotions and body sensations are yours to tend to. After all, you are your own best teacher and healer and this work is simply to help "nudge" you in the direction of yourself, rather than just add on more beliefs about who you are. However these words move you to notice, their purpose is to help move you "home"-awake- within your sense of self-to notice that it's OK to have these feelings-this physical body-to be willing to say, "where am I, I'm here" and express who you are that you came here to be known as-YOU!

Thank you!

Noticing just means that very very sweet and simple gaze that we give our selfless/self without a longing to be anybody or anything and yet able to connect that noticing with some deep aspect of our heart. So this is lightbody movement also. The lightbody is here to notice awake energy folding and unfolding upon itself. Lightbody moves across the soul light and gathers up noticing. Fields of interest may also come along with this so that we feel that we've made a connection point within our self-within our selfless/self. The lightbody moves to actively search out light and the Lightbody is also that union of heart and soul. It's very sweetly given-it's very empty. That's why we call it empty/fullness and heartless/heart and selfless/self, so that the perplexing quality of all of life is able to be noticed and expressed as unique to each person. The lightbody is very give-able and it's very unique and awake to rekindling the memory of your own lightbody. Your own lightbody is here to stay but the mind likes to think that it's gone "somewhere else." You don't have to wait for a better day to notice your light-in-the-body is here. Right now is a good enough place to be.

Wisdom has nothing to do with the lightbody. We're thinking that it must be very wise but it's just doing what it came here to be-which is a gift. So, wise or not- it doesn't matter. However, we could have an insight. Insights are juicy parts of the lightbody that kind of leak into the mental process framework a little bit; just enough to reassure us that we made the right decision that moves our own sense of ourselves deeper within: "I'm sure because I asked my body to give me that language-able feeling that we call an insight, so that I feel this." It's a beautiful leaking of the lightbody into the hard physical frame of the body so that we feel some confidence about spreading our light around.

The lightbody is just a vast body of light that's been gathered to mesh with the physiology that you have. Know that you are that light inside and that is has a structure to it that's unique for each sort of Being; unique for each Being meshing with a form that's here. Lightbody awareness does take a little bit of Being-ness to be what it is; meaning that is has a very strong vibratory sense of itself. If you notice what's inside you, you begin to notice that there is more than what's happening in the physical. Even if you might be in physical pain, you might begin to shift into noticing that there is something sublime there also, such as calmness in the body. During tumultuous times-during stressful functioning of the physiology, someone may suddenly report a calmness for no apparent reason. That's a little bit of interaction then; meshing the physiology of the Lightbody and triggering a safety mechanism in the physical body so that things can calm down their perspective on what's happening then.

It's a kind of fastidiousness that the lightbody is able to continue as a cleanser; as a full-time, around the clock in-house cleanser...getting rid of the cobwebs, the dust balls. All those little qualities that we get tired of that end up swept under something; the lightbody shines that cleanser quality. It's just a quality. It's actually a "note." It's actually a very pure note that goes out and because our bodies have frequencies and have hard physical qualities like cells and other hard physical qualities, they vibrate with that same quality that you are here to live and pass on to others without knowing it yet. That's what you're here to do; pass the "note" back and forth and home again. Pass that "note" back and forth and home again. Never leave "them" out there with that. Bring it home, make them say what is this "note", what is the "note" that I hear that you're saying to my conscious awareness-to my entity of propulsion. Bring it home again so that I can hear that you brought home that "note" so that you can bring home that "note" again because you don't want to keep seeing the same person back again. You want them to move on and you want them to get going with their life purpose-whatever that job entails. So, give them that opportunity to bring home-that's this "note" coming home now-hear it-bring it home-make it yours so that you don't have to come back again except if you really want to hear that "note" again.

So, it's interesting to know that at any one moment you have three things happening: unfolding the lightbody, returning messages through the mind and opening the heart chakra. The perplexing quality of all of this becomes drama. The drama becomes more interesting than the origination of that folding and unfolding momentum, sometimes but not always. Sometimes it does become more exciting than what we might be thinking- "I wonder what my life would be without noticing the lightbody."


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