• lisa rose

My Ship

And so, we have this phenomena of being like a ship in the water here, of you, of you-ness; ship in the water of you-ness. Where are you going? You better find out where you came from-where's that? That's the question. Where is it? Where is it? Then we start looking out there but it's in here. Then we get confused. How will I know? What's this all about? Where do I find myself? Where?

Soul has a clue. It's holding up its hand here, it's right hand and it's saying, "here, here, home." The soul says, "here I am, home." And then willingness comes along; something like the wind in the sailboat, kind of a willingness, to say, "mmm, I'll get on this boat now, it's going home."

So, OK. You have to get on the boat though, otherwise the boat just goes "willy-nilly" where it wants to. You have to be the commander of the boat to notice where you came from and where you are going to.


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