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How About Some Appreciation

Appreciation is a closer examination of ourselves. Appreciation goes deeper and deeper inside. We challenge you to find something to appreciate that you have never appreciated before in yourself. Notice that moment when doubts arise and that there's even something deeper to appreciate. Find that moment and let it grow up because that's a childhood story; that's a childhood story.

In the adult world that we're all longing to join here, we can barely wait to notice something more appreciate-able and we don't hear it. We are not waiting to hear it from a parent or brother; we're actually waiting to hear it from deep within our self and that's the journey called, growing up. So, we can find those seed moments inside our life when we're careless and then we grow that up and we find that we're care-filled. We take a moment like careless and we bring it home and we empty out this all the time too so that we feel motion and we feel movement of our heart light, here in our physical body. We can say, "heart light here, in my body" and then this brings it back where we are right now and we feel appreciation.

For a moment, we feel we may have even opened a door to our self, to something that we haven't seen before and that's love that's misdirected outward. Then we pause for a moment so that we don't trade or lose something in that "door opening" because we sometimes get sucked right out that door and we get a momentary high from that door opening and we get lost out that door, for a moment. Just notice that that's an opportunity to re-gain entrance into the soul light here.

-Pleiadian Great Light, Project Lightbody, Ashland, OR


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