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Begin with a great kind of peacefulness in the room so that we can regain some of that sense of where we might be at this moment. Where we might be all the time is right here, ready to be noticed and ready to be felt. Felt like the light that we are, the lighthouse of ourselves. Of beacon-like light; the kind of light that comes forward as we notice more of who we are that we came here to be known as.

And we have all this wonderful light and we have all this joy and we have all this movement and we have all this wonderful essentiality of light, of light beaconing itself. Know what that means, beaconing? A kind of beaconing or beaconship means that you have this body, this ship, this ship of light. Ship of light, how great is that! A ship of light. Then we have, you know, we have all these bodies in this room, so what does that make this; a big ship filled with lights and each one blinking off and on and having its own record keeping, having its own momentum quality, having its own speed, speed of light and having its own motion detector-ship.

So from the depths of ourselves comes this healing light and each one having their own beacon-ship qualities too. A beacon is in one spot, shining out all the vast arrays of itself. So, noticing that, is establishing unification then for all the pathways in the mind and the spiritual awakening and reality also; all combining their forces into one great last look of itself connected to the source of light...


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