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Angelics and Light

Pleiadian Great Light: So, what was that connection then, that giving-ness , that giving-ness that comes out from the heart, we can say heart chakra from This One. And then that giving-ness multiplies itself and finds a route for itself. So sometimes, beautiful Beings and Angels assist in the multiplication process of that initial giving impulse. So we all see that in our lives. It's a bit of a reflex so we may or may not be aware of how deeply rippled this universe is. -How one gift multiplies itself out in all directions, changing to fit the appropriate-ness of the route that's been chosen.

So, whether it's Angelic in nature, those Angel Beings often arise and come along, floating along with that gift that we've given to someone else out of compassion for suffering of those near us and around us. So, beautiful Beings of course, are not and Angels, of course, are not flat. They have almost an unlimited ability to move through what seems to be spatial relationships between our forms; beautiful Angels and Beings. So, what happens is that original gift is appreciated at that moment of that gift of energy assist in that unfolding process so that it can go farther than you think. It goes quite far. Those kinds of gifts...immeasurable. So, good.

Question from "L.": Is the presence of the Angel using that individual to send that gift or is it (doing that)?

Great Light: So, Angels, using that word just a little bit loosely, to acknowledge those Beings that come forward to place themselves in the path of others' light so that some of it can be, can be almost trapped, in a sense, so that it can be noticed and sent back through colors; through vehicles of perception, whether or not it be to catch the sound of a voice in the wind or the sight of an Angel light or some message that's very uplifting. So these beings actually notice who we are, they are paying attention, Angels are always paying attention. And because of that reflex that they're carrying along with them, they're able to quickly generate a new point of light that was more than was perhaps intended.

So, they are carriers of a kind of wavelength that's very beautifully uplifting and pointing in the direction upwards, pointing in more, pointing into that more quality of ourselves and that space around ourselves, too. So, whether or not we acknowledge that these Beings are here, we can still appreciate that gifted feeling when it comes our way and we can perhaps allow for something unseen about it. -Something unknown completely about it. So, unless we're very good, unless we're getting very good at noticing our own light as it gets trapped a little bit, in the sense that it turns back very clearly and sharply to our own sense of vision and comprehension and knowing-ness, as well.

Great Light mentioned once that Mt Shasta is the home of a huge realm of Angelics.


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