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"In channeling I “see” people  for who they are, their outer personalities, their belief systems, their fears, anger, their entangled chords, their veil of habits and their demons. I see their beautiful hearts and soul work. Their inner lights of potentiality. Their inner and outer chakras. The radiance of their form, their majestic yet humble place in the cosmos, their gifts to each other, their purpose, their home, and I give them a nudge and an opportunity to notice new choices to discover their deep light and soul work for themselves."

Lisa Rose-  Awake Channel for Pleiadian Great Light

The body of work presented here is from the recorded audio sessions of group channeling with the avatar being, Pleiadian Great Light .


These LightBody activations opened a space for the transmissions of light and energy to help humanity re-kindle the forgotten memory of the Mechanics of the LightBody. 


Pleiadian Great Light’s name means “light that goes to the origination point of life itself.”   Pleiadian Great Light was here before the earth was formed and saw this beautiful Mother Earth sparked into existence by the Creator.  Pleiadian Great Light has been directly involved in the protection of this Creator’s universe throughout time and space and is here, one last time, to help make this planet safe for healing soulwork.  


Pleiadian Great Light poignantly expressed that humanity had stopped evolving, demons were running rampant on the earth and the pendulum had swung as far as possible to the fragmented mind’s eye view of life described as “popular beliefs,” the polar opposite of soul work.  People have forgotten that they came here to do their soul work and live instead, addicted to the habits of a lifetime; without new conscious somatic choices.

Lightbody activation is the conscious awake connection you make to your own sense of yourself, fully connected to your real physical body and emotions.

Healing Soulwork are the projects you choose to help you notice all the parts of yourself and accept them in the context of your own unique sense of light with purpose.

From Lisa...

"Healing Soul Work produces change and growth by giving you the opportunity to notice for yourself how healing works from the deepest sense of who you are, your soul, the spark of unique light that emerges from the source of universal life. 

To be healthy is to be whole. It includes the mind, body, emotions, psychology, personality and soul. Nothing is left out. Your life becomes richer and deeper when you work with all the known and unknown parts of your self. 

Those parts that are familiar, you either like, dislike, push away or transfer outwards. (Maybe you view yourself as a caring person but don’t like it that you get angry sometimes and tend to blame others.) 

The unfamiliar parts are simply things that you have forgotten, for lack of a better word. They have nothing to do with your mind. Your soul remembers or discovers hidden or lost parts of itself. (For example, you might be a social worker, but find out that you really came here to help people as a “vision quest” counselor.)

Holistic healing embraces and welcomes all the parts of your self back home. The mind due to habits of many lifetimes, will judge the parts as good or bad. The soul on the other hand sees only itself, as light moving.  As you do your soul work, you will gain a richer acceptance of who you are with a greater sense of direction or purpose while being grounded in your physical body. You’ll feel more alive, creative, passionate and at home within your self.


There is so much more to life than the way it appears.  Healing Soul Work creates depth, honesty and richness. I have become a real person who has come to love life more than I ever thought possible. I cannot say thank you enough.  I am deeply and passionately committed to helping others do their own unique soul work.  I believe in keeping it real, grounded and conscious.  I try to help people with their choices to like all the parts of themselves and be honest and responsible.  I am here to help others have a mature kind of in-lightenment that I call conscious self-awakening."


This my story. I look forward to hearing yours. "

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